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Internal Door Fitters In Southend FAQ

How Much Would a Carpenter Charge To Fit An Internal Door?

Fitting a door is a relatively simple job for an experienced carpenter. While their could always be obstacles that will cost more, the average cost is around £70 per door. This price may be higher if it’s a premium door, or you’re working with a big company with multiple employees. You may also find prices increase when hanging a single door. This is because carpentry company has to pay employees and hanging a single door may take up to half a day when you include travelling and other expenses.

How Long Does It Take a Carpenter To Fit An Internal Door?

Hanging a door takes a carpenter around 2-3 hours. Some doors may require more or less time. On average, a good carpenter can hang 4 door per day, providing everything goes smoothly. 

How Much Does The Door Itself Cost?

Purchasing a door is seperate from labour, and is an additional expense. You will find most interal doors range from £30-£120, depending on the pattern, material, and colour. Doors can be purchased from Screwfix, B&Q, and Wickes.

Can You Just Replace An Interior Door Without Replacing The Frame?

While this is defentily possible, it depends on a few things. The first being the size of the new door. If it’s the same as the old door, then yes – you can keep the original panel. Some doors are also attached to the frame, meaning you will need to replace both when changing it out. Our best advice is to speak to a local carpenter in Southend so they can take a look.

Other Services

Here are the main areas of carpentary we cover.

Internal Door Fitters

New doors are the final touch in a beautiful home.

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When you want a big change to your home, a new kitchen is perfect.

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Practical bedroom cabinets with ample storage space make all the difference.

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Are Our Internal Door Hangers In Southend On Sea Right For You?

Why People Call…

✅Keep It Consistant: If you’re similar to us, then you like to keep things consistent throughout your home. It’s not uncommon for our customers to have door that don’t match the interior decor of the home. It gives homeowners a sense of pride when everything is consistent.

✅Better Soundproofing: It’s not always the case, but we have found that older doors tend to let me sound pass through. When you purchase a newer door, it creates a barrier, helping prevent noise from passing through. This is great if you have young children that wake up to noises during the night.

✅A Warmer Home: Some interior doors are insulated. They will leave a smaller gap under the door (and even create a seal in some cases), which improves the warmth in your home. This also means your energy bill will be less.

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